Submission Guidelines

  • We welcome original pieces concerned with Authentic Movement and/or somatic inquiry—about experience, theoretical ponderings, artistic expressions, cross pollinations with other disciplines, and of course the explication of the inexplicable.
  • Please send us the cleanest copy of your work you can, delimiting your verbal expression to up to @5000 words. Please send only a “.doc” document.
  • If your work is written in an academic tone, please use the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Due to the nature of web publishing, we’d love you to send images that illustrate your writing. We need written permission for all artwork, photography, and of people imaged.
  • Pieces need not be scholarly, but should be well thought out and well crafted.
  • Since we are volunteers (who hold the vision of the day when Authentic Movement is funded by the national budget) we respond to queries in a timely way, but have specific times with which we are available to work with you on a piece.
  • Poetic and visual artwork and photographs pertaining to our focus are heartily welcome. Please remember that persons imaged identifiably in words, artwork, and/or photographs must give us permission to use their image.
  • To query us about a piece for the Journal of Authentic Movement and Somatic Inquiry, or to get in touch with us for any reason please follow the directions on the contact page.
  • If you have a previously published piece posted on the web you think may be of interest to the Authentic Movement community, we encourage you to send a brief description of your piece and its link, to the Authentic Movement community blog editors at, for publication on the community blog.


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