The Authentic Movement circle of witnesses
forms a container-
a selective membrane of consciousness.

In space, a circle is made of equidistant points from its center, its curved line, a perimeter that both includes and excludes. In time, a circle indicates sequential redundancy. At once empty and full, it is no less than the simplest representation of the sacred vessel, the incarnate symbol of Self, reaching from here to beyond; and, it is no more than the most egalitarian of natural forms. – Jaime Stover Schmitt

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Photos by Kimberly McKeever

We invite you to join the JAMSI circle by sending along your own jpg images of circles and/or quotes, or brief thoughts about them. Please include your full name with your submission, and send to: JAMSIcircle at gmail dot com. (This is spelled out here to outfox the cyber robots.)

We plan to post what we’ve collected, giving credit to everyone whose submission appears. By submitting your work, you are giving JAMSI permission to publish what you’ve sent. We look forward to hearing from you!

Wishing You Peace and Joy in the New Year,

Jaime, Kimberly, Genevieve, and J. R.

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  1. Thomasina Cooke says:

    To me the importance of this article is that the power must belong to the people –there is no authority, such as Psychiatrist, leaders etc. that should be allowed to take this from them and if they do shame on them and shame on those who allow it.

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