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Spontaneous Risings Part One: Joan S. Harrigan, Ph.D., (Designated Successor of the Traditional Kundalini Science lineage) talks with Jaime Stover Schmitt about Kundalini and Spontaneous Movement

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How is that about You? Alton Wasson and Aileen Crow talk about Witness Projection

In one of his semi-annual New York workshops, Alton Wasson, co-director of Contemplative Dance with Daphne Lowell, presented an exercise on projection. (1) Alton and his co-facilitator, Eileen Kelly, divided the group, and asked one half to do Authentic Movement … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Risings Part Two: Jaime talks with Joan S. Harrigan about Kundalini Risings

Continuing the interview, Jaime asks Joan to share more of her knowledge about Kundalini risings, and how they relate to somatic practices focused on self-discovery. Jaime: What is a Kundalini rising and what are some experiences a person who is … Continue reading

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