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Entering non-knowing: Psychotherapy and the value of embodied spiritual development in the Discipline of Authentic Movement

                       by Anke Teigeler


Authentic Movement, Somatic Inquiry and Post Traumatic Strengths

                         by Aileen Crow and Annette Geiger


So What about Ducks?

by Ruthellen Griffin


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Works by Students of Linda Hartley



Psalmology Part Two by Julie Leavitt


Among the Redwoods by Paul Herriot


Witness Consciousness and the Origins of a New Discipline by Paula Sager


Everyday Healing: Vignettes on how Authentic Movement and Somatic Inquiry inform our lives


Oddball Movement by Paula Gallagher


Health and the Body: A Tantric View

by Rudolph Ballentine, M.D.


Part Two of Jaime’s interview with Joan S. Harrigan, Ph.D. on Kundalini Risings


Spontaneous Risings Part One: Joan S. Harrigan, Ph.D., (Designated Successor of the Traditional Kundalini Science lineage) talks with Jaime Stover Schmitt about Kundalini and Spontaneous Movement


How is That About You? Alton Wasson talks with Aileen Crow about Witness Projection

In one of his semi-annual New York workshops, Alton Wasson, co-director of Contemplative Dance with Daphne Lowell, presented an exercise on projection. Continue reading →


An Invitation from the JAMSI Team

A Personal Journey to Authentic Education

by Dane G. Reese

In the 1980s, I was a mathematician. Toward the end of that decade, I became a math teacher in spite of myself. It was not something I wanted to do; it was what I had to do. But I was not teaching long before I realized . . . Continue reading →

Artwork by Priscilla Derven


Speaking the Same Language: An Evolving Dialogue with Mary Whitehouse

by Janet Adler

I sit high up in a tower, watching the rainfall all around me. I have moved out of my ivy autumn house and am now with friends, waiting [to know when I can come to you] . . .  Continue reading →

An Inquiry into Direct Experience: Authentic Movement and the Five Skandhas

By Linda Hartley

My questioning about what it means to experience life directly – not filtered through a veil of expectations, memories, projections, fantasies, fears, beliefs about how things are, or should be, but simply as it presents itself to me in this moment—has grown from many years of engagement with Buddhist meditation, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Body-Mind Centering® and Authentic Movement. Continue reading →

Connecting Authentic Movement with Other Practices to Transform Trauma:

by Aileen Crow

Authentic Movement has many different ways of being understood and practiced. To me, the spontaneous movement of Authentic Movement leads us to our inner wisdom and creativity. And of course, there are many other practices using various sensory modes that also take us there. Continue reading →

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  1. Michael Gardos Reid says:

    Jaime, Kimberly, Germaine,

    Your web journal is beautifully done. I am currently putting together an essay regarding an intensive I will be co leading at National Dance Therapy Conference here in Minneapolis this Fall entitled: Halfway to the World: Leaderless Groups as a Structure for Authentic Movement Practice. So I have been surfing the web for various references and thus found Janet’s generous and tender meditation on her relationship with Mary. Wow. Fun to see Aileen’s writing so artfully rendered.

    Thanks for all your hard work.


  2. Janet Kaye says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on publishing your first issue of JAMSI. The wise minds and loving hearts (and time, time, time) you devoted to fulfilling this mission have produced a beautiful website and a publication with articles and art that engaged my intellect and touched my heart.


  3. Raquel Meseguer says:


    Thank you for this amazing resource.

    If you have a mailing list you post the journals to, please may i be added,

    Many thanks,


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